Getting your business moving
sustainably does well

We live in challenging and stressful times. What's more, sitting in the office and having online meetings at home are the new smoking. Moving enough and doing sports are more than ever indispensable for the health and well-being of your employees. With Lignaverda, you can motivate them easily and in a unique way.

For all of your employees' walking, running and cycling activities, we plant trees in the Great Green Wall. Through this international project of the African Union, you also realize CO₂ compensation for your company. Together, we slow down desertification and support local entrepreneurship in Senegal.

More CSR? Let’s move!

Working together
for a healthy society

A sustainable welfare policy ensures that your employees are more fit, resilient and focused. Energy Lab's digital challenge platform KeepMoving is ready to empower and protect your human capital. Good for the whole company. And for our planet, thanks to the strong teamwork with EwF.

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Dynamically committed
to a liveable world

By moving more with Lignaverda, your employees do themselves and the company a great favour. At the same time, they give the entire planet more oxygen by helping to plant agroforests in the Sub-Sahara. These in turn provide more income and education there and reduce migration. EwF knows the way: socio-economically and ecologically responsible.

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Join us and become climate-neutral

For all of your employees' walking, running and cycling activities, we plant trees in the Great Green Wall in Africa. This is how we help the Great Green Wall grow. Your company reduces its ecological footprint this way, and can offset its CO₂ emissions. You will receive CO₂ certificates for this.

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Contribute to the United Nation's
Sustainable Development Goals

Through Lignaverda, you will contribute to several Sustainable Development Goals. Don't miss this ready-made opportunity for global positive change.



tonnes of CO₂




new trees

A generous harvest here, in the Sahel and worldwide

A smaller ecological footprint: good for the climate and for the image of your company.

Our agro forests are CO₂ certified, and our partners include the UNCCD and reliable audit agencies.

You strengthen the CSR approach of your company. The result can be clearly reported.

You will contribute to the realization of eleven Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

With our targeted motivation strategy, you invest concretely and permanently in the human capital of your company.

Through Lignaverda, you stimulate the general well-being of your employees: physically, mentally and emotionally.

Pursuing a move active and healthier lifestyle with the whole company works wonders and gives everyone an energy boost.

You increase the employee engagement of your employees.

You (re)connect with your employees, even remotely, through gamification and by pursuing a common goal. 

Discover Lignaverda in a nutshell

Would you like to implement corporate social responsibility as well as a well-considered motivation strategy for your employees?

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Lignaverda works with you to create a better climate, a healthy mind in a healthy body and a liveable planet.

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