Let's make the desert green!

Let's make
the desert green!

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Our projects

Building the Great Green Walls in Africa

Since 2009, Lignaverda, driven by Entrepreneurs Without Frontiers, has been involved in reforesting semi-arid areas at risk of land degradation and desertification. We do not simply create forests by planting trees; we also prioritize the well-being of the people who inhabit the reforested regions. We provide employment opportunities through afforestation activities, foster local entrepreneurship and facilitate socio-economic activities within and around the forests. As a partner in the Great Green Wall Initiative of the African Union and with support of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD), we are making a sustainable contribution to the fight against climate change, land degradation, and rural poverty.

News & insights

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Lignaverda’s 2023 Annual Report

Celebrating a Milestone: Lignaverda Signs MoU with the Namibian Government in Windhoek 


Climate change concerns us all

The consequences of the damage to our planet are being felt worldwide. In the south, rivers are drying up and deserts are expanding. Lignaverda urges companies and organisations to collaborate and take action to reverse this trend.

The desert is encroaching...

Millions of Africans reside in semi-arid regions that face high susceptibility to climate change and land degradation. Escalating temperatures, diminished rainfall, and overgrazing contribute to the expansion of desertification, posing a significant threat to livelihoods. Ongoing endeavours to combat this phenomenon through sustainable land management and reforestation are underway, but further action is imperative.

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... but we have solutions

Our approach focuses on actively involving communities in reforestation and sustainable forest management practices. We provide compensation to the local population for collecting and sowing seeds in the degraded areas around their villages. We establish community forest management committees to coordinate forest protection and valorisation of grass, crops, and non-timber forest products. Importantly, we create buy-in of the communities for reforestation through the support of socio-economic initiatives that run in parallel with reforestation activities. We enhance the capacity of the communities through training in community-based forestry management.

Multi-impact approach...

Reforestation has significant (a) ecological, (b) social and (c) economic impacts. Forests play a crucial role in preventing desertification, improving water management, and enhancing biodiversity. In addition, our efforts contribute to improving food security, facilitating access to education for children, and empowering women and entrepreneurship. We also promote agroforestry practices and facilitate the commercialisation of crops and forest products, thereby enhancing local livelihoods.

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... to achieve several SDGs

Lignaverda aligns with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which include halting desertification, improving water management, enhancing biodiversity, increasing food supply, a thriving local economy, improving education, and empowering female entrepreneurship. By supporting Lignaverda, your organisation contributes to achieving these goals.

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