Mission April 2018


After an initial introduction to Senegal in cooperation with FIT (Flanders Investment & Trade) in January 2018, there appears to be a great deal of interest in OZG’s agroforestry projects.

A new mission (11/4 – 23/4) is planned to actively explore the area. The know-how we have built up in 10 years in Burkina Faso is very useful to us today and allows us to move forward quickly. Our local Belgian team leader together with a Senegalese coordinator have made the required arrangements in the past two months with the khalif, marabout, chefs, prefectures, etc… In addition to this, we have also obtained the necessary agreements with the ministries of environment and agriculture so that we can achieve clarity in what OZG has to offer from the start and what we can expect from the Senegalese government.

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