Sustainable investments with cerTREEficates 

Raising awareness on “climate and migration” by and for EU citizens

The St. Joseph Institute (SJI) in Kontich has registered for 23,500 EUR certreeficates to invest in sustainable climate and migration projects in Senegal, that should lead to the realisation of SDG objectives of the United Nations. 
Today, Wouter Van Looy, Director of the SJI, symbolically presents the cheque. The money raised by the whole community of SJI will be used for agroreforestation and caschcrop productions within the UN’s Great Green Wall project.

The certreeficates are a first step in the creation of an educational project on sustainable development and financing. Marc Bellinckx (to the right of W. Sels red.), as the inventor and pioneer of the Run For Forest action, will continue to take initiatives with the academic world to further promote our concept and model.