The world is on fire and the orchestra continues to play

Macro-economic impacts due to temperature rise affect everyone!

How big must a disaster be to feel a sense of urgency? The consequences of climate change are by no means limited to Africa alone. As a result of climate change, the risk of forest and natural fires will increase. In addition, forest fires also push large amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere. Today it’s up to 8 megatons of CO2 emissions per day! These additional CO2 emissions from forest fires can accelerate global warming. Compared to 1976, the current heat wave in Belgium is only one of the hot spots in a world that is too warm. 

Copernicus – Europe’s eyes on Earth – is available to everyone. Click on the Fire Weather Index and see where it is burning in the world today and what the risk areas are (Source: WMO). 

Heat wave 1976 Heat wave 2018 Fires 2018
[image src=”/assets/Uploads/dbadb1c87b/IMG_3439.jpg” id=”374″ width=”285″ height=”184″ class=”leftAlone ss-htmleditorfield-file image” title=”IMG 3439″] [image src=”/assets/Uploads/8f1a4e41aa/IMG_3440.jpg” id=”375″ width=”285″ height=”184″ class=”leftAlone ss-htmleditorfield-file image” title=”IMG 3440″] [image src=”/assets/Uploads/f55ed466dd/Brandhaarden-en-forecasts.png” id=”376″ width=”298″ height=”186″ class=”leftAlone ss-htmleditorfield-file image” title=”Brandhaarden en forecasts”]

We are all suffering from frog syndrome… Slowly we cook ; in the rich countries air conditioning is installed, in the poor the roofs are painted white and we hardly do anything else.

The macroeconomic impacts will not be negligible if the temperature continues to rise. The damage to the economy will amount to more than EUR 300 billion per year (Koen De Leus, chief economist BNP Paris bass)! There are also political consequences linked to the economic consequences. Large parts of Africa turn into deserts. The current wave of migration that divides Europe is a trifle compared to future massive migration away from uninhabitable areas.

OZG takes action by setting up sustainable reforestation projects. Soon you will also be able to participate in projects that make a difference and actually achieve positive impacts for climate and migration (to be continued…)