Projet forestier OZG 2020

Covid-19 changed a lot of our habits.

Even OZG cannot escape the impact of Corona. This year the plan was to build 1000ha of new forest in Senegal before the rainy season of 2020. In March, groundwork started near Mbar Toubab and 150 ha (16.0585, -15.66895) were completed (photos: Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus we were forced to stop the work on the site and today the project is on-hold.  

Until now it is not clear when the lockdown measures will remain in place in Belgium and Senegal. We are now at the end of April with strong indications that also in May a lot of restrictions will remain in place. This means that we will not be able to realize the planned work before this year’s rainy season (July-September). 

Today we are already looking forward to the next season 2020-2021 which we will prepare further with the team in Senegal after the lockdown and exit measures. Coming soon!

Be safe, beat coronavirus by staying home!

Report sites Senegal: see page status/senegal

Satellite images (Google Maps 16.0585, -15.66895)