And once again, OZG is the first to take the lead…

We reforest Senegal’s Sahel

The intention was to build 1000ha of new forest this season for Mbar Toubab, but due to the lockdown measures and the curfew set in Senegal to contain the spread of the Corona virus, we had to stop working on the site in mid-March. See also status Senegal

Nevertheless, the operational team led by Ir. Frans Van Londersele as operational manager and the team in the field with Yaya Barry and Saudou Ba as experts, managed to sow 150ha before the rainy season in these extremely difficult conditions. 

The women’s community of Mbar Toubab was well trained by the operational team so that both the harvesting and the sowing of the land could be successfully completed. Meanwhile, the first rains have arrived and the seedlings can germinate and grow… (see also report 06/2020).

As a pioneer in the Sahel of Burkina Faso and today also in semi-arid regions of Senegal, Entrepreneurs Without Frontiers (OZG) encourages other organisations to help greening semi-arid and/or deserted areas with similar techniques and in cooperation with the local population. In areas with less than 200mm of rain per year, it is now more than necessary to ensure food security and create a higher level of prosperity through reforestation to prevent internal and external migration…