Sustainable entrepreneurship from the start…

With passion… sustainable entrepreneurship!

Lisa and Margot – two socially committed and ambitious young stewardesses – share the same passion and entrepreneurial spirit. In the beginning their hesitation held them back a bit, but together with An-Katrien next to them- who was able to strengthen the business side and was eager to step into the story – there was no stopping them anymore.

In April 2020, these three ladies launched Nothing Plane. A new clothing brand that combines their passion for aviation with the focus on raising awareness of sustainability from beginning to end. Omne trium perfectum is the motto of this trio!

A new clothing brand with vision

All “Nothing Plane” T-shirts, polo shirts and sweaters are embroidered with original puns and/or figures referring to aviation, a great passion of the three ladies. A positive way to promote aviation, a sector that was severely affected by COVID-19.

Sustainability is one of the most important values they wanted to see integrated in their clothing line. Right from the start… It is a constructive and positive way to raise awareness of a sustainable world among all the stakeholders involved in the aviation sector.

The entire collection is therefore produced in an ethically responsible manner. So is only GOTS certified organic cotton from India used. This cotton is grown and produced with respect for people, animals and the environment. So say Lisa and Magot in chorus…

Furthermore, we use ecological packaging and growing paper that is sent with every order. A way to say thank you in an ecological way to the customers who want a Nothing Plane in their collection.
The growing paper is filled with field flower seeds. After planting it in the ground, smelling colourful flowers will grow over time. Original and a sustainable support for biodiversity.

CO2 compensation with Enterpreneurs Without Frontiers

To offset the emissions from the transportation of Nothing Plane products by airplane and truck, Nothing Plane donates the equivalent of CO2 emissions for each item sold to Entrepreneurs Without Frontiers, an organization that reforests the border areas of the Sahel and realizes Ecological, Social and Economic (ESE) impacts in the region.
Do you also want a Nothing Plane in your collection? Then quickly surf to and meet Lisa, Margot and Ann-Katrien. The passion for their vision and product will make you want to write a sustainable story with them…