Annual overview 2020 in a nutshell

Dear members and sympathizers of OZG,

This year the plan was to build more than 1000 hectares of new forest in Senegal. But even MSF did not escape the impacts of the coronavirus. We were just able to realize an area of 150 ha at Mbar Toubab before the rainy season of 2020 (pictures here). After that, we were forced to stop work on the site, which meant that we were unable to realize the planned 1000 ha. However, the area of 150 ha has been finished, and we are also working on the fence to protect the small trees from the wandering cattle.

Because of the situation we could not fly with a drone over the landscaped area to give you a spectacular view of the starting forest. But rest assured, the trees are growing. Our local staff could take pictures of them and as you can see, it looks good.

Today we are already looking forward to the next season in 2021 and hope to plant at least 1000 ha. Werner Sels (chairman EwF) and Prof. Patrick Van Damme will return on a mission in January 2021 to visit the sites.

The project continues to grow!

All thanks for your support.

More info can be found in the report on inventive végétal