We present… our Impact Facilitator team

OZG is growing towards a professional organisation.

Naturally, nothing will change about the individuality, the standards and values for which OZG stands, or about the non-profit structure of the organisation. On the contrary. We are steadily expanding this; an ethical charter has been developed for employees, investors and donors and we are now in the process of writing out the rules of procedure for good governance.

Our growth also implies that we allocate, structure and develop the various tasks internally. The Impact Facilitator team is also part of this process. From left to right: Dr Ann De Beul, Ir. Wim Devolder, Werner Sels and Filip Goethals.

They facilitate the Lignaverda program from A to Z; a cooperation between OZG and Energylab to ensure a healthy mind in a healthy body for a climate-friendly planet.

Curious how we can bring “purpose motivation” to your company? You can reach us at the following e-mail address: info@lignaverda.org