To stop desertification means also to stop migrations

Why should we invest in reforestation projects in areas like the Sahel of Africa?

Because WE are the cause of climate disruption and they bear the main consequences.
And also -maybe more enlightening -, if we do nothing there will be 60 million climate refugees heading for Europe in the next decades.

It requires smart investments like reforestation in the African Union’s project “Great Green Wall”, WHERE THE TREE IS NOT THE OBJECTIVE but the means to achieve land degradation neutrality (SDG 15.3 Life on Land).

That is what Entrepreneurs without Frontiers (EwF) – Ondernemers Zonder Grenzen (OZG) (accredited by the UNCCD) does: fertilise the soil with forests in order to achieve food security and create greater prosperity as a result.

And you can do something about it. REDUCE YOUR CO2 EMMISSIONS and offset your residual fractions by investing in forests in the “Great Green Wall”.  Not because of charity, but because of justice!

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Desertificztion = migration

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