Progress 2022 Téssékéré 2 and 3

Groundwork 2022 1250ha on schedule!

On the field, we are progressing with our work (plowing) on schedule (see pictures Google Earth)

We apply 2 techniques:
+ Technique A: the Vallerani technique with the “half-moons” which are the water basins for the seedlings (collecting +/- 1000-1500 litres of rainwater per half-moon)
+ Technique B: making a deep “trench” that follows the contour lines of the terrain and thus also collects rainwater and ensures less strong rainwater flows on the terrain (reducing water erosion on the terrain). 

This is not rocket science
Both techniques rip open the soil in order to collect rainwater on the one hand and increase the permeability of the soil on the other. The latter is a way to give the latent seeds – seeds of trees, grasses, herbs – present in the soil the chance to germinate. By also protecting the terrain (fencing and surveillance) we give nature the chance to recover. 
In fact, we are doing regeneration here, giving nature a boost by ripping open the soil with a plough and additionally sowing specific species. Measurements taken in the field show that both techniques have the same results.

By scaling up the activities (creating more hectares per year), we reduce the costs per hectare and these reforestation techniques can be fully used for CO2 reduction programmes. 
Moreover, we also invest in sensitising the local population to manage, maintain and monitor the forests. All income generated from the forests is destined solely for the local population.