Kick-off #cyclingfortheclimate_NAM_2023

We are ready for it!

A first practice and introductory ride was driven through all weathers from Hoeilaart to Waterloo (60km). The dynamics in the group are good with a lot of enthusiasm to go for it.

In February 2023, Entrepreneurs Without Frontiers will organise its second edition #cyclingfortheclimate. This time in Namibia, where – after a feasibility study conducted by Prof. P. Van Damme and our operational director Dr Wouter Vanhove – we will start afforestation in the Great Green Wall of the southern hemisphere in 2023-2024. 

With 60 captains of industry of corporate Belgium, the Netherlands, France, the UK, Dubai, Slovenia and USA, this #cyclingfortheclimate will once again draw attention to the climate and immediately kick off new afforestations in Namibia. This trip will also be fully offset with additional forest planting. 

There are many reasons to choose Namibia for afforestation:
– Again, devastation is occurring due to climate disruption; fertile land is degrading visibly and intervention is necessary.
– Namibia is a large and politically stable country; interesting for large afforestation and investment programmes 
– Besides ecological impacts SDG 13 (climate) and SDG 15 (biodiversity), socio-economic impacts are also necessary such as employment (SDG 8 economy), food security (SDG2), education (SDG4) and women’s financial independence (SDG5)

Do you wish to join us? Please contac