Lignaverda is a lifeline to the future. Trees can help us. Forests will save us.

At Lignaverda, we make a difference by practicing steadfast commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable principles. Our commitment is not just to plant trees, but also to ensure their survival, flourishing and development into robust, biodiverse and climate-resilient forests. 

Research from renown journals like Nature indicates that semi-arid zones can sustain roughly 300 trees per hectare, sequestering about 2.3 tons of CO2 annually. Moreover, forests create a cooler micro-environment, improve soil health and provide food, fodder and other products that enhance people‚Äôs livelihoods. By reforesting degraded semi-arid areas, we thus contribute to climate mitigation while helping the vulnerable people from Africa’s semi-arid environments to adapt to adverse climate change effects. 

Transparency sits at the heart of what we do. Our progress is conveyed clearly through comprehensive reporting, including succinct key performance indicators (KPIs), both in written form and visual representation. As a non-profit organization, our focus is to maximize benefits for both planet and people. A vast majority (80 %) of our revenue is geared towards reforestation and socio-economic development initiatives.

Our income channels always reflect our values. We receive support from both individual and corporate philanthropy, and earn revenue via CO2 certificates. We champion a circular economy harmonizing human needs and environmental conservation. By unwaveringly adhering to our values and principles, we contribute positively to our world.