Harnessing AI Technology and Drone Imagery for Tree Counting in the Sahel

A Pilot Project in Lommel

In our reforestation endeavors, we share a strong dedication to leveraging cutting-edge technology. Our focus lies in establishing expansive new forests in the Sahel region of Senegal (and subsequently in Namibia). To ensure accurate and transparent tree counts per hectare, we are actively exploring the potential of AI technology and drones. These innovative tools are currently being experimented with in our projects, allowing us to gather precise data in a reliable and transparent manner.

Unique technology

230706 Lignaverda DronemappingExperiment Lommel DD 8148

To accurately monitor young forests that are less than 5 years old, satellites are unable to detect the small trees. Instead, we employ drones equipped with high-speed cameras to capture detailed images of the newly established areas. Through the implementation of AI software, we are able to analyze these images and differentiate between saplings, shrubs, grasses, and dead branches. By utilizing AI technology, we can precisely count the number of trees per hectare. If the count falls below 300 trees, we take action by sowing or planting more trees to achieve our CO2 sequestration goal.

This innovative approach sets us apart from other Tree Planting Organizations (TPOs) as it allows us to provide highly accurate and transparent reports on our activities.