Why Lignaverda is probably your best choice for developing forests

We don’t plant trees, we develop forests!

1. Land restoration: Thousands of hectares reforested annually with local native species, preferred by locals. Emphasizing biodiversity (flora and fauna).

2. Triple impact: Addressing various SDGs through participatory reforestation (1,2,3,4,5,6,8,10,13,15,16,17) with ecological, social, and economic benefits.

3. Long-term experience: Pioneer with 16 years of expertise in semi-arid regions. In-house execution by a highly qualified team of experts.

4. Certified projects: Renowned Gold-labelled Standards certify carbon removal credits, ensuring high socio-economic impacts.

5. Project monitoring: Transparent annual reports with scientific ESG data. Satellite and drone imagery, AI technology for tree counting and improved monitoring.

6. Legal status and Transparency: International non-profit recognized by Royal Decree. Surplus reinvested in reforestation and socio-economic projects. Independent annual audits, good governance, and ethical charter.

7. Accreditation & Partnerships: Accredited by UNCCD, active in the Great Green Wall Initiative (North and South). Strong partnerships with universities (Antwerp, Ghent, Prague, Windhoek).

Stay tuned for more reasons why Lignaverda is your best choice for tree-planting and carbon neutrality initiatives.