SDGs as measurable KPIs for environmental, social and economic impacts

At Lignaverda, we see reforestation not only as a way to protect our planet, but also as a powerful tool to bring about socio-economic changes. Together with our partners, we are committed to adopting an integrated and synergistic approach to socio-economic development, that fosters collaboration between governments, businesses, science, and civil society.

Our focus is on three integrated objectives that are crucial for a sustainable future of our forests and their custodian communities :

  • By enhancing education  health, well-being and (gender) equality, we build capacity of and create resilience for the rural population to  face the challenges of the future.
  • Support of sustainable food and agricultural production to enhance self-reliance.
  • Development of digital tools and state-of-the-art technology to guide reforestation, thus stimulating innovation and creating sustainable solutions for tomorrow’s challenges.

Each transformation brings its own priority investments and regulatory challenges. Therefore, we call for actions that foster collaboration between government, partners, and civil society.