Embracing Sustainability and Growth: Lignaverda’s Ambitious Plans for 2024

With the new year in full swing, Lignaverda is thrilled to unveil its ambitious plans for 2024, marked by exciting developments that extend our impact both in Namibia and Senegal.

Nurturing Prosperity in Namibia

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In Namibia, our eyes are set on groundbreaking endeavors. We eagerly await the green light from the Ministry of Environment to launch a transformative pilot project in Siya. Collaborating with esteemed universities from Antwerp, Ghent, Prague, and Windhoek, we aim to pioneer sustainable solutions to landscape degradation and poverty in Namibia’s rural areas.
Simultaneously, Lignaverda is taking strides to establish new forests in the semi-arid area of northeast Namibia. This venture underscores our unwavering commitment to not only ecological but also economic prosperity. By fostering sustainable ecosystems, we envision a future where thriving communities coexist with flourishing natural habitats.     

Empowering Senegal Through Reforestation and Entrepreneurship*

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In Senegal, our dedication to positive change remains resolute. We are gearing up for a monumental effort – the reforestation of another 2,000 hectares (in addition to  4000 ha which has been reforested over the past three years) and the construction of two “boulis” (large basins to capture water during the rainy season), strategically placed for irrigating horticultural projects we will install supporting the communities that own and protect the new forests. This initiative aligns seamlessly with Sustainable Development Goal 2 (SDG2) – ensuring food security for the region. Our partnership with #OvO (Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs) plays a pivotal role in promoting local entrepreneurship, laying the foundation for prosperity that resonates across the entire community. Through sustainable practices, we aim not just to plant trees but to cultivate a robust economic ecosystem.

Precision Farming with VITO*

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The integration of cutting-edge technology is paramount to our success. In collaboration with #VITO (Flemish Institute for Technological Development), we will gather climate data from weather stations that will be installed on the new forests in Senegal. This technological leap empowers farmers by providing precise climate data, enabling them to make informed decisions crucial for successful and sustainable agriculture.

Local Forest Guardianship

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Our efforts extend beyond the act of planting trees. We understand that true sustainability requires the active involvement of local communities. By ensuring that forests are protected and nurtured by those who live closest to them, we forge a lasting impact.

2024 is a year of transformation, a year where Lignaverda aims not just to make a difference but to be the difference. Together, let’s stride confidently towards a greener and more sustainable world. Join us on this remarkable journey, and let’s turn our ambitions into reality.

*With support from the Flemish government

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