What is the Lignaverda “Keep Moving” Challenge?

Corporate social responsibility is gaining importance and to help corporations face this challenge, Lignaverda presents an exciting opportunity to make a real difference. Participation in the Lignaverda Keep Moving challenge enables you to not only enhance employee well-being, but also contribute to reforestation efforts in Africa’s semi-arid areas. This initiative invites companies to power up their teams and join the fight against climate change through sport.

The Mission: Inspiring Global Corporate Social Responsibility

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The Lignaverda Keep Moving Challenge’s mission is clear: inspire companies globally to embrace corporate social responsibility and reap its benefits. By empowering employees to lead healthier lives, the challenge goes beyond improving staff well-being or creating a better environment. The ultimate goal is to make a tangible contribution to African livelihoods by growing a tree for every kilometer walked, run, cycled, or swum.

Participating in the Lignaverda Keep Moving challenge unlocks a myriad of benefits for companies and their employees. Picture a vibrant, motivated workforce, united and energized through shared fitness goals. This engagement fosters camaraderie and collective achievement, creating a positive workplace culture.

Planting Trees, Cultivating Impact

Lignaverda doesn’t just talk the talk; we walk, run, cycle, and swim for it! For every virtual tree unlocked in the challenge, a real tree takes root in the ongoing effort to combat deforestation and address climate change. This commitment ensures a more sustainable future and a positive socio-economic impact on African communities.

Unleash the Benefits

Engaging in the Lignaverda Keep Moving challenge brings about a remarkable boost in physical and mental well-being for employees. Stress melts away, productivity soars, and creativity thrives. Participants experience a sense of personal accomplishment, setting and surpassing fitness goals while contributing to environmental and social causes.

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Join the Movement Today !

Companies eager to make a meaningful impact can join the Lignaverda Keep Moving challenge today. Explore our website to learn more about the initiative and contact Lignaverda via email to register your company. Together, let’s embark on an extraordinary journey of fitness, camaraderie, and environmental stewardship. Let’s rewrite the rules of corporate engagement and build a brighter, greener future!

Contact us at: andy.martinez.lopez@lignaverda.org