Beyond Carbon: Lignaverda Chooses Gold Standard for Sustainable Impact 

At Lignaverda, our mission is clear: to lead the charge in combating climate change through reforestation while fostering sustainable development and community empowerment of those most vulnerable to climate disruption. As actors in the realm of high-quality carbon removal projects, we recognize the importance of aligning ourselves with a certification standard that reflects our values and aspirations. That is why we have chosen Gold Standard as the cornerstone of our commitment to excellence and sustainability. Here’s why: 

Gold Standard: The Perfect Fit for Co-Benefits  

Lignaverda’s projects aren’t merely about carbon neutrality – they are about making a real difference for communities. By prioritizing high-quality carbon removal credits with robust co-benefits, we ensure that our impact extends far beyond mere emissions reduction. Gold Standard’s emphasis on co-benefits perfectly aligns with our vision, allowing us to create positive environmental, economic, and social impacts in the communities where we operate. 

Raising ambition lies at the heart of Gold Standard’s mission. Advocating for ambitious strategies that align with global Net Zero and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Gold Standard pushes governments, companies, and investors to aim higher. Its tools empower projects, funds, and other impact investments to manage, measure, and maximize their impact on climate mitigation, adaptation, and the SDGs. Recognized independently for their integrity, Gold Standard’s wide range of methodologies provides a robust framework for achieving meaningful change. Committed to supporting users, Gold Standard invests in capacity development efforts to ensure equitable access to carbon markets and impact finance. With excellence as its guiding principle, backed by a broad NGO network, Gold Standard continuously strives to improve its standard and support stakeholders in their sustainability endeavours. 

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Reputation of Excellence 

Among certification standards, Gold Standard stands far above the rest. With its rigorous validation and verification processes, Gold Standard ensures that every claim is thoroughly scrutinized and independently audited. By choosing Gold Standard, Lignaverda not only reaffirms our commitment to transparency and accountability but also earns the trust and confidence of our stakeholders. 

20% Buffer Rate to Ensure Permanence and Reliability  

We understand the importance of long-term impact. That is why Gold Standard’s requirement of a fixed 20% contribution for a pooled compliance buffer resonates so strongly with us. By ensuring the permanence of our carbon removal projects, we mitigate the risk of reversal and non-permanence, safeguarding our forests and investments, thus reinforcing our credibility in the marketplace. 

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Value Perception: Investing in Impact  

The value perception associated with Gold Standard is undeniable. Its reputation for excellence and its commitment to co-benefits make projects certified by Gold Standard highly sought after in the market. As actors in the field of high-quality carbon removal credits with co-benefits, Lignaverda is proud to be associated with a standard that commands respect and admiration from buyers and investors alike. 

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Focus on Carbon Removal to Drive Real Change

Unlike other certification standards that primarily focus on carbon avoidance credits for NBS, Gold Standard prioritizes NBS projects that actively remove and store carbon from the atmosphere rather than REDD+ avoidance credits. This forward-thinking approach aligns with SBTi recommendations and resonates deeply with Lignaverda’s vision of creating a truly sustainable future. By driving real change through carbon removal projects, we not only mitigate emissions but also contribute to the restoration and regeneration of ecosystems, making a tangible difference in the fight against climate change. 

Nature’s Allies: Lignaverda and Gold Standard’s Shared Vision for NBS 

Together, Lignaverda and Gold Standard recognize the immense potential of NBS (Nature-Based Solutions) to not only mitigate climate change but also provide a wide range of benefits for ecosystems and local communities. This mutual belief in NBS is one of the key reasons why Lignaverda chose Gold Standard over other certification bodies like Verra and Plan Vivo.  

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Reforestation projects, a core component of NBS, not only absorb CO2 from the atmosphere but also foster local job creation in forest management and preserve essential ecosystems. Gold Standard’s approach to land use activities, such as afforestation and reforestation, is unique in its commitment to environmental integrity. By focusing solely on mechanisms that deliver a high level of environmental integrity, Gold Standard ensures that projects meet rigorous standards. This includes rules that prohibit unduly cutting down trees to make room for new plantations and requirements for a fixed 20% contribution for a pooled compliance buffer to guarantee permanence. Furthermore, all Gold Standard certified projects must adhere to safeguarding principles, protecting critical aspects such as water resources, soil erosion, and areas with high conservation value.  

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In conclusion, Lignaverda’s commitment to Gold Standard is more than just a certification – it is a testament to our unwavering dedication to excellence, transparency, and genuine impact. By aligning ourselves with a standard that shares our values and aspirations, we are not just contributing to Net Zero goals – we’re paving the way for a brighter, greener future for generations to come.