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Why Lignaverda is probably your best choice for developing forests

Harnessing AI Technology and Drone Imagery for Tree Counting in the Sahel

Sowing Season 2023

Lignaverda calls for transparency and thorough checks

Lignaverda is a lifeline to the future. Trees can help us. Forests will save us.

Cyclingfortheclimate in Namibia


Together we plant a dream…

We don’t plant trees, we develop forests!

Kick-off #cyclingfortheclimate_NAM_2023

Before and behind the scenes

A new forest, a symbol of hope

Time to seed

Progress 2022 Téssékéré 2 and 3

Dr. Ir. Wouter Vanhove – new operational director at Entrepreneurs without Frontiers

Where there is a will, there is a way…